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Characteristic of Allah

Allah is that being Who is Al-Awwal (The First) there is nothing before Him, Who is Al-Aakhir (The Last) there is nothing after Him, Who is Al-Hayy (The Alive) before any life, Who will be Alive after all deaths, He doesn't needs any means of survival like food, water, air, etc. He is Holy from all of these. He is Ahad (The One), He does not have wife, daughter or son nor does He has father or mother, nobody is His creator infect He is the Creator of all. He is Al-Khaaliq (The Creator) of seven heavens and seven earth whatever is in between them and whatever is under them, whatever is above them and whatever is below them, whatever we see & whatever we cannot see, He doesn't need anybody to do anything for Him, whenever He intends to do anything He just says "BE" and the things comes into existence. He does not sleep nor does He takes rest neither He gets tired of anything, nor does He forgets anything. He doesn't have physical body like humans, He knows Himself best how He is. He does not need any house or walls or roof to live He is pure from all of these. He is far above from past, present and future, infect everything is equal to Him, everything is in front of Him like an open book. He is Al-Maalik (The Owner) of everything, He is Al-Waali (The Governor) the only Controller of all universes, He runs the entire system by His will and wish as He desires, He doesn't make any mistakes, He is Al-Muhyi (The giver of Life) and Al-Mumit (The giver of Death), He is Al-Baari (The Maker), Ar-Rahmaan (The Beneficent), Ar-Raheem (The Merciful), Al-Malik (The Sovereign), Al-Quddus (The Holy), As-Salaam (The Author of Safety), Al-Mu'min (The giver of Peace), Al-Muhaimin (The Protector), Al-Aziz (The Mighty), Al-Jabbaar (The Compeller), Al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic), He is Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner) Make one billion part of one centimeter and if one part gets moved a bit at the time of creation of the human embryo then the eye will move from the face to feet and the fingers might move from hands to head. He is such a Fashioner that He fashions a beautiful face of human being on a drop of fluid in three layers of darkness, He is the Master of the day of Judgement. He is Al-Baseer (The All Seeing), As-Sami'ea (The All Hearing), Al-Khabeer (The All Aware) that in darkest of night on the dark black rock if a black ant is walking He (Allah) sees it hears its footsteps and knows what's in its heart. Allah has revealed many places in the Holy Qur'an about His Greatness that O people look and recognize your Creator and ponder on His creation which He has created for the service of mankind and Allah says that you "O human (Insaan), you are created only and only for My worship". What does it mean? Just like you people follow the laws and rules of the false kings of this world and benefit from it and avoid breaking the laws so that you won't face any problems and difficulties, but this kings they didn't create anything and they do not provide you any food and they will die one day and somebody else will take their place, but I (Allah) who is Al-Hayy (Always living) and I (Allah) the King of all kings, tells you "O people obey Me and you will benefit much more than you think and if you do not come onto My obedience then remember I have sent My Messengers who warned you against My disobedience, I will leave you for a short time (until death) and when I come to catch anybody nobody can save that person from My punishment, "O son of Adam you cannot tolerate My anger and you cannot tolerate My punishment." Allah, after creating us didn't left alone but showed practically a complete way of life which is most dearer to Him by sending His most beloved slave and Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (S.A.W.)Swal-Allahu-Alai-he Wa-sal-lam. Nobody ever came like him (S.A.W.), nor will anybody come like him (S.A.W.), He (S.A.W.)is the best of all creation, because of him (S.A.W.) Allah created this universe. In the Holy Qur'an Allah took oath on the auspicious words of Prophet (S.A.W.), on the life of Prophet (S.A.W.), on the city where he (S.A.W.)was born, on the Prophethood of Prophet (S.A.W.), on the book which was revealed to Prophet (S.A.W.), people said to Prophet (S.A.W.)that he is mad, he is fortune-teller, he is magician, he is a poet and what not, but Allah took oath on all different occasion that My Prophet is not mad, he (S.A.W.)is not a magician, not a poet, not a fortune-teller. He (S.A.W.)doesn't follow his desire nor does he speak of his own, what ever he says are My words. And Allah has given us the brain to think and has given us the limited will-power by which we can choose the right or wrong. Allah has shown His pleasure in the obedience of His commandments and following the footsteps of His beloved Prophet (S.A.W.). And the definition of "success" which Allah has mentioned in the Holy Qur'an is that, any person who is saved from the hell and is made to enter the paradise is the real successful. Since Allah has told our purpose of this life is only to worship Him. What does it mean? It means, complete 24 hours of our life, from birth to death, in each and every aspects of our life has to be lived and followed according to the orders of Allah and by the ways of Prophet (S.A.W.)this is called worship. Allah says to the "Believers" in the Holy Qur'an that enter into Islam completely.

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